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How to Unlock Cell Phone SIMs in Four Easy Steps

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the good news is that unlocking smart phones and cell phone sims is legal. People have various reason why they want to unlock their phones and sims. You may even earn some extra money by putting your phone on sale in eBay after having it unlocked or perhaps your current cellphone contract is about to end and you want to transfer network.

Unlocking a phone can be due to a variety of reasons but what you need to remember is that it has to be done safely since the very act of unlocking can mess with your phone’s software or erase all saved data on the sim. Here are the four steps to teach you how to safely unlock a cell phone and sim.

To know your phone and sim’s status
Your first step before having your phone unlocked is to find out if it has been unlocked or not. For some phones, unlocking is no longer necessary since they are already unlocked from the factory before purchase. But you have to pay more when buying factory unlocked cell phones. But it is better if you can purchase both an unlocked phone and sim if money is not a problem with you. You no longer have to go through all the trouble of unlocking your cell phone sim and phone.

Moving to a Different Network Service Provider
There are cell phones sold along with its sim. But there are also network carriers that sell phones without sim cards. First find out whether the sim that accompanies your phone is locked or not. It’s either you unlock the sim or change it so you can start using your phone once more.

Keep In Touch With Your Carrier
You have to call your carrier directly once your contract is up to have your phone or sim unlocked. You should think of a valid reason though like going abroad for a long time so they won’t think you are thinking of switching to a different carrier. Once they grant your request, you’ll likely get a code to unlock your phone for good.

Take your Phone or Sim to a Third Party to be Unlocked
If your carrier did not accept your request for the unlocking of your phone or sim, you can get it done by taking it to the local cell phone repair shop and pay for it from your own pocket. You won’t have to shell out personal money if your phone was unlocked by your phone carrier. But remember that despite the extra charge you pay to have your cell phone or sim card unlocked by local cell phone repair shops, they can do it right away instead of waiting in line at your network carrier for approval.