Author: Satria Ahong

Creative Ways to Feed the Future Business Venture

When working full time day and night to turn out a major product, like an online news magazine or a major project proposal a designer or engineer will often find that interruptions for mundane concerns are not only disturbing but can consume valuable time and energy that can be better used when fine-tuning the product.  And when you have that product ready to present to others for consideration and comment, you want to assure that they have the best chance to feel comfortable and relaxed while they see the masterpiece you have worked to create.

The first presentation of a major project proposal or prototype can often be done before a select group.  When the product is brought forth for review the wise developer will provide the best food and beverages to a group of prospective investors and technical marketers.  A designer may take advantage of a food service like …

Use The Powerful Agile Methodologies For Your Projects

Agile methodologies are popular approaches in software development, as scrum practices includes software development by cross functional and self managed teams to produce working code at the finishing stage of every iteration. The methods of agile are created to identify a new process that could replace the older software development methods. For example, it can replace the traditional waterfall method which is generally used for many problems. The agile user stories classes provide candidates the understanding about scrum values and concepts.

Why agile methods are used?

The reason for using agile methods is they add some easiness to the development process and it provides chances to assess and change the focus of the project. In general, the agile projects are done via agile user stories and it begins with the requirement definition.

What are user stories?

User stories provide the functionality which is needed by the user. These stories are …

What is Control Systems Engineering?

In the past, control systems engineering was just a subtopic in the mechanical engineering field of study. But the rapid growth in the complexity of technology has caused this to become an entirely independent field of study. This area requires more mathematical and technological specialty and has become popular enough to have many online degree programs. You can find out more about the degree programs with a quick Internet search.

To land a job in the control systems engineering field you must have a degree in engineering, math or other related field. Because these jobs are found often in the IT filed, programming and coding are also great skills to have. Having a knowledge and comfort level with electronics, hardware and software is also very beneficial. Advanced degrees lead to positions where you work in design and analysis, systems modeling, engineering optimization and signal analysis.

An entry level position in …

Level 770 is one of the IT Companies for New Businesses

IT is an abbreviation for Information Technology. IT is also defined as Information Technology Association of America. IT can stand for all things that have to do with the internet and technology some examples are: Web and software design and management of developing computer information and software.

The specific area we will discuss in this article is IT call center software and a company called Level770. A call center also sometimes called or referred to as a customer service center is implemented by a special software program.

The call center is a large area or office that has multiple computers all, with the same software. The software allows the call center employees to take orders for and input the customer information. The customer orders products and or services by calling the center. The software also allows the employees to call out and take calls for customers who have an …

7 Software Must Have in PC/Laptop as a Regular Computer User

I understand that you have bought a new PC/Laptop recently and hunting for the essential software to be installed. Listed below is a pick of the litter software that is mandatory for every PC/Laptop.

  1. Calendar


  We can organize our days for religious, administrative, social and religious events using a calendar. In this digital era, a smart PC/Laptop calendar is handier than a physical one. A smart PC/Laptop calendar allows you to update your schedule changes immediately and you can check it frequently. In this fast paced world, I am sure that only a few people utilize the calendar hanging on their wall. Even though everyone in the family can see and update your wall calendar, it isn’t portable and never gives you the option to break down each day. These smart PC/Laptop calendars allow you to set alerts that remind you the important events ahead. Most of the people are …