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How a Backhoe Rental Can Save You Huge Amounts of Time

Fence construction, landscaping and other similar projects will typically come with a large amount of trenching and digging and also moving material. Of course, all these projects can be tackled by with the use of the regular shovel and wheelbarrow combo, but that can be time-intensive and less effective compared to using a backhoe. Good thing backhoe rentals afford you the ability to do the rounds without strenuous manual labor and accomplish jobs in a practical amount of time. Benefits await you if you decide to rent a backhoe instead.

A backhoe has three essential components which are combined to produce a single machine that works for trenching, digging and moving. The main tractor body of this equipment offers mobility and is where all operational controls are housed. An articulated arm protrudes form the tractor body and enables the driver to lift objects, dig, trench or move big piles of soil. A front-loader bucket with spiky, prong-like teeth is attached to the articulated arm. The bucket is an exceptional tool that can grab and throw heavy rocks from the ground, dig straight rows, or flatten out areas where concrete will be poured.

Backhoes are also capable of operating in small spaces where other heavy equipment such as bulldozers cannot. This means projects that demand additional work can make use of not just one backhoe. The machine’s smaller body shape also means less noise and no disturbance to infrastructure within the job site’s vicinity. Backhoes are easy to drive around on various types of terrain.
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Backhoes have plenty of uses. The bucket in front lets an operator to tackle tasks like hole digging and patting down soil. Some people rent a backhoe for moving piles of snow during the winter. Other DIY’ers have use these machines to prepare the ground for pipes, sewer lines or cables.
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A backhoe purchase can be expensive and is often impractical for someone who only wants the occasional help that the equipment can give. Fortunately, if you have a need for this all-around machine, backhoe rentals can afford you an efficient solution that will save time and keep your wallet from bleeding dry. Backhoe loaders are generally rented per month ($1,500 to $3,000), per week ($750 to $1,500), or per day ($150 to $500). Rental prices vary, depending on the equipment’s features, size and model.

Location has a key influence on price as well. Compared to prices in the Midwest, rental rates on the West Coast and in the Northeast are substantially higher. The backhoe rental company itself will, of course, also affect the rental rate of the equipment. Then again, when choose where to rent from, don’t be too focused on price. Aim for quality, both of the machine and of the provider’s customer service.