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What are Access Doors and What are They For Passageways are usually provided in any building or structure and these portions are called access doors. Usually, these doors are used from repair and maintenance purposes. Note that a passage door is not the same as access doors, since the passage door serves as an entry in another portion of a structure or building, while the access door is simply an opening that is not open to the general public but can be accessed by certain personnel only. For operation maintenance, businesses like manufacturing plants and offices usually have mechanical and technical equipments. These places therefore are being protected for being sensitive areas and thus access doors are necessary to control entry of unauthorized personnel. Take note that access doors have different uses and they are not limited only to industrial plants and offices alike. For example, employees in an office setting use the access door as entry to be able to enter into the establishment, thus these access doors are employee restricted. The main reason for this is security wherein management would want to ensure that only their employees have gained access to their facilities and would help security staff properly implement this policy. Another purpose of the access door is to make the employees enter the premises without seeing or joining with the outsiders who are coming into the structure. Another use of these doors is as entry into restricted areas in premises containing some sensitive equipment. An example where access doors are placed is in a radio station where transmitters are situated, and since not just anybody can adjust the equipment, the access door will serve as a limited entrance.
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Access doors have different types and each will be suited to the purpose of the door. The first type is called fire rated and these doors are supposed to have a certain scale of being affected and indication of the damages during certain period of fire exposure. The next kind of access door is the plastic variety which is considered as the cheapest and easiest to use. Often used to secure bank vaults and high security premises in companies are the stainless steel types. Another kind of access doors are those that are installed for attics use in homes where they store personal artifacts. Either you are a domestic user or a businessman, access doors can be a good investment for you based on your use. It is advisable whenever you are constructing a home or an office that you are to review your options for planning your access doors and their installation. If you searched through different websites in the internet, there are several products being offered with free installation and many ranges of options.