Land Surveying Drones Provide Precision and Speed for Surveyors

The topography of a piece of land may not be necessary for someone that doesn’t want to allow it to be developed. But, for anyone that wants to sell or develop any part of their property, or their property as a whole, it’s a necessary part of the preparation process. In order to determine if some real estate can even be developed, it’s important to know what is going on with the undulations on the property, as well as any other surprises that the land may bring.

In order to determine the lay of the land, surveyors have to use special equipment, such as 3d scanners, rods, levels, theodolite, GPS and a tripod. They will place their equipment around the property and use it to determine the size, the location of problem areas as well as to determine the boundaries of a property. With land surveying drones, however, the job of a land surveyor is much easier.

Drones have the capability to sweep a property in complete detail, not only recording undulations in the property and marking boundaries, but also providing the surveyor with completely detailed photos or video of the property, making it a great option for mapping an area. They can also hover over an area of interest, allowing a surveyor to completely document an area that might be prime for the seller, or that might be a point of contention when it comes time for development.

For a surveyor interested in purchasing a drone for this purpose, the cost can seem quite high. This is due to the needs of a surveyor. As the details need to be precise, a drone must have GPS, hovering capabilities and a longer battery life. In addition, using a drone that uses a pilot helmet for precision control is recommended for this field, as normal toggle hand controls can be clumsy and imprecise.

The cost of a drone of this caliber can range between $6,000 to more than $20,000. While this may seem like a lot of money for a surveyor that already has the standard equipment, it’s important to keep in mind that drones can survey a property in less time and with more precision than a team of men can do.

Drones are becoming commonplace. Kids even get them for Christmas. However, for professional surveyors, they can offer a precise way to survey property in a fraction of the time.