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Transhumanism – Are We In The Future? Actually, transhumanism is a way of thinking onto the future that is based on premise that humankind in their current form does not represent the last stage of development but rather, the early stage. It can be viewed as well like extension of humanism to which it is derived partially. Humanists believe that individuals matter, that humans matter and though we may not be perfect but, it is possible to make things better by means of promoting freedom, democracy, rational thinking, tolerance and concern for fellow human beings. Transhumanists have agreed with this idea as well but it further emphasizes on the potential of what we have to become. Transhumanism is also seen as an intellectual and cultural movement with a belief that we can and should improve human conditions via the implementation of advanced technologies. Life extension by doing nanotechnology, genetic engineering, cloning and several other emerging technologies are among the core concepts of such thinking. There’s a probability that humans will be able to attain eternal life in the future with such. Likewise, transhumanists show interests in ever-changing technologies that could boost our intellectual, physical and even psychological capabilities that’s beyond what humans are capable of.
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The transcranial direct current stimulation or known simply as tDCS for example is one method that is used to speed up reaction time and the learning speed by means of sending low electric current in the brain. Truth is, this has been used already by US military to train their snipers whether you believe it or not. On more extreme side, transhumanism deals with the concept of uploading to a computer and what happens when we have created a computer that posseses greater than human intelligence.
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Beyond the obvious benefits of having superhuman strengths or eternal life, the ethical pitfall as well as potential dangers of human enhancement at the same time is investigated by transhumanism. In the case of life extension, every person on earth has stopped dying suddenly, this can result to overpopulation that can trigger a dramatic and rapid socioeconomic disaster. Unless we stopped giving birth but this is going to create another issue again. Both humanity and society will keep growing and evolving or, it will stagnate and be suffocated by the accumulated ego of demagogues and ego of intellectuals who just won’t die without death and birth. Similarly, if only the wealthy have an access to strength boosting drugs, intelligence and technologies, what is going to happen in our society, should everyone possess the right to enhance their intellect, would the society still run smoothly if everyone had IQ of more than 300 and 5 doctorate degrees?