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The Need to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer The law does not make it a necessity to involve a real estate lawyer in a real estate transaction whether selling or buying a property. There are standard guidelines that have been followed often and the real estate agents will find it easy to take you through the process. The real estate agents often plays near-legal activities. There are however times that you might need the services of a real estate lawyer. Lawyers, in this case, will help protect your interest should there arise any dispute. They also help to fast track the process whether you are a buyer or a seller. You can finish the deal with the real estate agent or involve the real estate lawyer in a deal that has no disputes. There are times when you need the services of the real estate attorney. A deal that involves unusual terms could be such a case. For instance, If you want to have a lease of the house before you buy it, the lawyer should help you draft the binding terms. This is very important in a case where the total amount is supposed to be included in total purchase price. If you are the seller, in this case, you need legal drafting of these terms especially if the lease amount does not contribute to the final price. This is a very effective way of guarding the interest of any party till the final deal is made. The services of a real estate lawyer may be warranted if you don’t know whether the property has other bindings. The house could be having binding such as the liens and covenants. These will inhibit your fee use of the property purchased. The attorney will do the document search to confirm if there are binding that can limit the free use of the property. The real estate lawyer will be important if there are legal issues relating to the property. This includes any pending court case filed with respect to the subject under focus. In such a case, the lawyer should advise you accordingly. The attorney will be involved when dealing with existing use issues Such a scenario is when you buy a house that has tenant whose occupancy period is still running. Here, you will need legal expertise since the issue of the tent current vacation is legal in nature.
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The attorney will play different roles depending whether he/she is acting for the buyer or the seller. The cost of hiring an attorney when buying a home is more than when selling the house. It is basically due to the difference in the number of activities involved in buying and selling. The lawyer conducts the document and title search for the home. There are banks that require presence of a lawyer when giving a mortgage.What Almost No One Knows About Lawyers