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Awards Classification Made Simple

Individuals who are in such of awards or trophies should start by identifying their classes. Knowing what choices are available for any type of event comes from having elaborate plans in place.

In times gone by, various awards were handed out. For instance, laurel wreaths were awarded to Olympic games premier winners approximately 2700 years ago. Another example in history comes from the Greeks who awarded themselves with wrecked warship remains. The element of affordability and personalization have been added to awards in the modern era.

Diversification in terms of material and shape of award plaques is another feature to note in this era. Components such as glass, marble, wood and acrylic are some of those being used today. The process of identifying an element to craft an award from for a specific event has been simplified. Each classification offers a component of beauty that none of the others has.
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The material used to make awards simplifies their classification models.
A Quick Rundown of Awards

The most preferred material is acrylic. Its diversity in terms of functionality make it more appealing. The ability of acrylic to take up various shapes of molds makes it a good component used on most products. Is used in most instances as a replacement for glass due to its transparency rating. These awards’ appearances make them suitable for recognizing outstanding employees. It expresses elegance without hurting your company’s budget. Acrylic awards are for you if you are going for class, affordability, and durability.

You will spend less money on glass awards compared to those made of acrylic. Glass awards are always classic. Glass can be molded to different shapes based on the style. Clearly, they present both style and affordability.

You can also find crystal awards when on the search. These awards boast of pure beauty. You will have many options to choose from when you consider crystal awards. Your options will mainly be between the ready-made shapes or custom ones. The customization process can be by handcrafting or laser. The words on crystal plaques can either be printed or engraved.

Marble awards are best suited for prestigious award events. Awards made from marble are usually trendy and can feature solid colors or a mixture of the same. You can also bet on marble plaques because of their durability. The letters and descriptions can be engraved. Despite being expensive, awards made of marble are valuable.

The custom options that trophy companies give can lead to many options. When choosing the appropriate award for your event, the highlighted categories should guide you.