Month: May 2019

Fight High Risk Processing Fraud: Digital Trust & Safety

The last 10 years have been quite “successful” for fraud both in the eCommerce and mCommerce fields. It’s time to change fraud fighting philosophy and take it to the next level. So, how can this be done? Who can help you with secure and affordable high risk credit card processing? The lines below will give you the answers.

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Fight High Risk Credit Card Processing Fraud

The Sift Digital Trust & Safety Survey reveals the following:

  • 2/3 of online businesses experience payment fraud
  • 63% have problems with fake accounts
  • 55% are faced with fake or spammy content
  • 42% fight account takeover
  • For 57%, revenue-generating and fraud-prevention goals lack full alignment
  • About 2/3 using fraud-prevention rules think these hinder legitimate customers
  • For 77% of businesses operating online, reducing friction for customer experience is a priority
  • For 58%, fraud prevention is a rock on the way towards cutting friction for customer experience 

What …