4 types of sarees that are from different parts of India

Indian clothing always had its significance in the history and happens to be widely celebrated. Sari is one such important elements of the traditional Indian wear and can be seen worn by the women in every household in India no matter which region they belong to. To your surprise, saris are even known with the region that has originated from and in a country as diverse as India, this particular piece of clothing to comes with the unique features- be it the design, the technique used in weaving it, or the colors that are specifically used in the making. In this write-up, we are going to introduce you to some of the varieties of the saris that are a wonder in themselves.

Here are the four different types of saris which are quite popular among the Indian women. Read more about them below:

  1. Chanderi Sari

Chanderi sari is a combination of the silk, cotton, and zari fabrics which are woven together to form a fabric which is light has a royal appeal. Chanderi is the perfect fabric for someone who likes lightweight saris which are easy to wear. The origin of these saris lies in Madhya Pradesh where these are handwoven with the old techniques by expert craftsmen.

  1. Muga Silk Sari

The Muga silk is unique in own way as it is derived from the larvae that feed on special types of leaves that are found in Assam. The silk obtained is highly glossy and durable and is only available in this region of India. Silk weaving in Assam dates back the ancient times and has evolved over the time but some of the major techniques that are used in the making the sari are still old that makes this particular style even more special.

  1. Bandhani Sari

The Bandhani saris are a gift from the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan where this is particular style is said to have originated. In these, the technique of tie and dye is used for the print which involves the tying of the portions of the cloth in a thread where the dye is not to be applied. The Khatri community of Gujarat is primarily associated with this craft who are till date involved in its manufacturing. The specialty of this saris are the patterns that are generated after the tying process along with the shades that are given to the cloth.

  1. Banarasi Silk Sari

Popularly known for the intricate silver and gold zari work, the Banarasi saris are a must-have in an Indian women’s wardrobe and there would be hardly anyone who might not have this particular style available with them. During the earlier times, when royalty has a great influence in India, these saris were specially made in real gold and silver threads for the women of the royal homes. It is said that the detailing that used to be done at that times was so delicate and intricate that these saris used to take around a month to get fully weaved. But over the time, designs in these saris have evolved and you can now find them in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Apart from these above-mentioned designs, there are innumerable others as well which are as beautiful and unique in design as these. If you have a fancy to wear saris, then you should definitely try out the wide variety of designs that be availed in the same from different parts of India and make each of occasion a memorable one with this stylish piece of clothing.