7 Software Must Have in PC/Laptop as a Regular Computer User

I understand that you have bought a new PC/Laptop recently and hunting for the essential software to be installed. Listed below is a pick of the litter software that is mandatory for every PC/Laptop.

  1. Calendar


  We can organize our days for religious, administrative, social and religious events using a calendar. In this digital era, a smart PC/Laptop calendar is handier than a physical one. A smart PC/Laptop calendar allows you to update your schedule changes immediately and you can check it frequently. In this fast paced world, I am sure that only a few people utilize the calendar hanging on their wall. Even though everyone in the family can see and update your wall calendar, it isn’t portable and never gives you the option to break down each day. These smart PC/Laptop calendars allow you to set alerts that remind you the important events ahead. Most of the people are visual planners and a PC/Laptop calendar allows you to plan their work schedule more efficiently than a cell phone calendar in which it is inconvenient to look a month as a whole because of its minimal screen size.

  1. Anti-Virus

                Why do we need antivirus? Most of the people don’t have antivirus in their software hoping that running programs from only those trusted sources won’t cause any harm to their system. Most of the viruses these days not just come through Internet/email links. Popups in some websites can make you a victim of the phishing attack. When you have an antivirus installed, your antivirus will alert you on such strange situations. Without an anti-virus, using your friend’s pen drive or other media could be risky. Your friends may not carry virus-free pen drive.

                Anti-virus software is developed solely for the purpose of detecting and removing computer viruses and other malicious software. The ten most destructive computer viruses include ILOVEYOU, Code Red, Melissa, Sasser, Zeus, Conficker, Stuxnet, Mydoom, CryptoLocker, and Flashback. There is a myriad of anti-virus software in the market; free as well as paid. Free software is usually trial versions, and most of the free tools don’t provide virus protection at all. It is better to consult an expert before you purchase one.

  1. Sticky Notes

 A Sticky Note is a small utility that allows you to create and place notes anywhere you want on the desktop. Sticky Notes are automatically saved. You can resize them, format their text and also paint them in a variety of colors. The default color is yellow, and it allows five other colors too. The new version accepts pen input and hence supports hand-written words and letters. It also supports flight info when we write a flight number.

  1. Data Recovery Software

Even in this information age, data storage technology is facing a huge challenge. In spite of those multiple storage devices that are employed to save data these days, there is an increasing demand for storage security and data reliability. Data recovery serves as a remedial measure when we are in need of deleted, corrupted, lost or inaccessible data.You can perform photo recovery,Music Recovery operations with these tools too.  Data recovery services are the most efficient and economical to recover your data and files. Some of the data recovery tools include EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, PhotoRec(Windows/Mac/Linux), Restoration(Windows), etc. Beware of the fraudulent data recovery tools online that are incapable of recovering your data. Make sure you consult an expert before installing any data recovery software. It is advisable to try the demo version first before purchasing any recovery tool. We recommend you to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free for data recovery.

  1. Video Convertors

 Video files come in various formats like AVI, MPEG, MOV, etc. and compatibility issues often arise when you watch the same video on different devices. Not all video players support multiple formats. You can have a video convertor not only to convert videos from any file type but also to download online videos quickly. You can download paid software or a free video convertor that serves the purpose. Make sure that the software supports standard formats like AVI and WMV for a PC view, and MP4 for a mobile view; look for its batch conversion feature and also its ability to trim videos. Some of the free video converting software includes Any Video Convertor, Kyoto Free Video Convertor, Handbrake, Format Factory, Free HD Video Convertor Factory, Freemake Video Convertor, etc.

  1. Browsers

 Millions of people use browsers for communication, shopping, research, education and entertainment. A browser is a tool to access the Internet. You can visit websites, send/receive email, e-learn, look for jobs, update yourself with recent news and the application is endless. Common web browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera. You have to update your browser regularly since outdated browsers are prone to security holes. Newer browsers save time, protect you better against viruses and other threats,

  1. Skype

 We all love social networking because of its instant messaging feature. With all those microphones, headset, the camera that is vital for a video call, the call quality is the cream of the crop. Skype is an Internet-based communication service and is one of the cheapest VoIP services available. Nowadays Skype plays a significant role in the telephonic interview process. Skype also offers a monthly subscription to place Skype to phone calls. It provides a secure calling experience, instant messaging, file sharing and group calls.