7 tips for Facebook pages

In addition to having a website, it is becoming more fundamental to have a presence in the larger social network. At the beginning of 2015, Facebook had more than 1400 million active users (more than 24 million in Argentina). If you still do not have your Facebook page, you can create it from here. If you have already created it, here are some tips to improve it.

  1. Using Facebook as a Fan Page

This is by far one of the most powerful changes in our opinion. Why? Before this change, there were few ways to share your fan page with people who were not a fan of your brand on Facebook. The first was by exchanging the page directly with the contacts of your personal profile. The second was the hope that your contacts would share your fan page with their friends. And the third was spending money on Facebook ads. Buy Facebook status likes, to help you promote your business. More “like”, More Income.

Now, with the option of using Facebook as your page, you can do something that reaches the target audience for free.

You must be a manager of the page you want before moving on – otherwise, you can become a fan and then ask another administrator to add you as such.

  • Step 1. When accessing your personal profile, from the account menu, select Use as a Facebook page.
  • Step 2. Find other fan pages that have the same target audience and give it a like. Start interacting on those pages as you would with your personal profile in terms of enjoyment and comments on new posts on the page wall or by fans of the page. Instead of being linked to your personal profile, your activity will be linked to your page. It means that if you provide useful and valuable feedback, fans of those other pages can become fans of yours as well.
  1. Set tastes from the page

Did you know that you can give I like other pages, from your own page? This way you can give your page more identity and show your audience the tastes or pages that you are related to.

It’s easy to use; Use Facebook with your page as we indicated before and make sure you like the pages that you want to highlight.

Unfortunately there is no way to see who put your page in the highlighted section. But as you can imagine, this feature, probably can lead to more I like.

  1. Selection of the 5 best photos

At the top 5 profile pictures are shown, it is the opportunity to show the best of your brand. These photos are automatically selected from your photo album, but there is a way to make sure that the 5 best photos that represent us appear.

Upload all the interesting and relevant photos about your business or product that you have saved on your pc and create an album on the page. Once you have finished labeling them or putting in some text detail, you should go to the wall to see which ones were highlighted. If you do not like any of those that were placed there, simply with the x you can remove them.

  1. Show the owners of the pages

Another new option for Facebook fan pages is to show the owners / managers of the page. Some pages want to keep it private, if you want to make it public, you simply have to go edit the page> featured> add owners of featured pages.

  1. How to encourage participation in your page?

Despite being fans of your page, you may not get the updates you make, and for that you must get participation and interact with your fans.

Ideally, to post updates regularly, once a day, or at least a couple of times a week and ask questions or ask for opinions on something is also often a good way to interact with your fans.

  1. Link the fan page to your personal profile

If your page has employees who want to promote the business, there is a way to get them to share the page with their contacts. Buy real facebook video views is the other service that you will see in this site, it is the best way to help your business promotion.

The first thing you have to do is make sure you already like the page from your personal profile. Then you can edit your profile.

Only one job will be shown at the front of your profile that will be the new one and the one you indicate that you currently work there.

  1. All about Tabs, how to customize them

If you have many custom tables you can give them priority by clicking on the edit link and then simply drag to give it the order you want.

Do you, have in mind your business scheme to Facebook? If the answer is no, I hope that with this post you will be encouraged to put together a Fan page for your business.