Components or tools to connect to the internet network

Components to access the network is divided into 2, the MAIN component or a must and also additional components, following some equipment or components that can be used to access the Internet network.

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Components that must be present (main):

1. Computer
The most important hardware to access the internet network is the computer. In addition to computers, there are other devices that can be used to access computer networks, such as notebooks, PDAs, mobile phones and others. A computer can be used to access the Internet network must meet certain requirements such as processor speed, hard drive capacity, and many others.

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2. Modem
The modem is a hardware for additional communication for computer, function to convert an analog signal (phone) into a digital signal (computer) and vice versa. Digital signals are electronic signals, represented by the numbers 0 and number 1, the number 1 metal live signal and the number 0 represents the dead signal. Thus a combination signal is a computer capable of converting data into text form, graphics and so on. While the analog signal is the form of sound waves through electrical cable/telephone. The types of modems are as follows:

  • Internal Modem
    Internal Modem is installed directly inside the CPU. Physically the internal modem is a card embedded in one of the expansion slots on the mainboard, usually in ISA or PCI slots.
  • External Modem
    An external modem is a tool that is placed outside the system unit computer. With this modem, the computer can connect to the internet and communicate with other people in different places. The advantages of this type of modem if you want to disconnect the internet does not have to turn off the system unit computer, just by turning off the existing modem on the outside. The external modem is connected to the CPU via a COM or USB port. The advantage of using this type of modem is its portability is good enough so easily moved to use on other computers.

3. Communication Network
In addition to the above equipment, one thing that is not less important to be able to access the Internet network is a communication network. A communication network that can be used for internet access are:

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  1.  Telephone Cable
    The phone is a communication channel for transferring data. Communication means is important to connect the computer to the Internet network.
  2.  GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) mobile networks are used for telephone purposes, almost all GSM and CDMA cellular networks can be used to access the internet.
  3. Optical cable network (Cable TV)
  4. Satellite (VSAT)
    Additional components:
    In addition to the above three main devices (computer, modem, the telephone line) there is also some hardware support internet access. Among others:

Hub / Switch

Hub is a hardware used to combine multiple computers. Hub became the central connection channel for all computers in the network. Hub divided into two, namely, active relationship is electric repeater be equipped with 8 connectors that function to form a transmitted digital signal and adjust its impedance to maintain the data along the path, the second is a passive hub is an electric repeater that has 4 connectors Serves to receive a signal on one of the connectors and forward it to three other connectors.


The repeater is a device used to receive signals and retransmit the signal with the same power as the original signal, in short, the repeater serves to amplify the signal to signal is sent equally to the original signal.


The bridge is a software that connects two physical networks that use the same protocol / similar. With a bridge, a data packet can be sent from one LAN to another LAN.\


A router is a device that works almost the same as a bridge. But this device has advantages, in addition, to connect two LANs with the same type, the router can also to connect two LANs with different types.

Those are some components to access internet network, hopefully useful !!!