Hashtags Predictions – the next advanced search technology?

TagPredict”  – a New Zealand based startup company – announced a new technology of crawling algorithms – a search engine that indexes hashtags: instead of indexing websites, like what Google and Bing are doing, TagPredict are crawling to #hashtags. Is it the new generation of search technologies? Let us try to understand what is TagPredict and how it is built.

What is a Hashtags Search Engine?

A Hashtags Ranking Search Engine is a type of a search crawler that indexes hashtags instead of indexing web pages. It sounds like an obvious idea, but actually it is not. Hashtags change very fast over social media and the magnitude of usage is huge. This is because every social media user is like a publisher. The TagPredict crawler looks like that:


As you can see, it is not only searching on social media websites, but searching over the entire internet. It  means that the search engine is indexing a huge amount of websites, but instead of indexing keywords, it is indexing #hashtags. It is different to the traditional search engines in two ways:

  • It is indexing hashtags only, and –
  • It presents not only the results it found, but also the trends, i.e. what may be found in the near future.


Why hashtags search is important?

Once you understand why HASHTAGS are so important you may then understand why TagPredict search crawler is important:

  • It groups hashtags from ALL websites into ONE platform: hashtags from Twitter, Facebook, Google, Blogs – even from your own website – are grouped into ONE analytic platform
  • It is live, i.e. updated in real time
  • It uses a prediction model, i.e. looking not only at what hashtags are popular NOW, but calculates which one will be growing in the following hours.

Is it useful?

Hashtags trends are useful for anyone doing SEO, internet marketing, social media marketing, online advertisements,online promotions, etc. It is a tool that lets you know where the market is going to, and therefore is very important in your marketing decision making process.

How to free install it / trial it

To install it, enter the TagPredict page on the Google Webstore, and click “Add Extension” when the popup window appears. TagPredict is free to install on your Chrome browser with free access to all hashtags trends, as you browse. The installation is fast and does not require any registration: you can use without providing any personal details.


Introduction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Jg-rMVhALE