Lenovo develops products Yoga Premium 910 With expensive price

In the midst of the development of the smart phone market, Lenovo retains the Yoga series with product innovation. The desire of the market to buy the device is no longer a matter of specification but also according to the style and character of its users.

In the launch event Lenovo issued three types of premium Yoga, the Yoga 910, Yoga 510, and Yoga Book tablet. All the latest types are based on ideas and suggestions from Lenovo loyal customers.

For the 910 series is more aimed at users who do not use too many multimedia features. This type can help support the work of businessmen. Then the 510 type tends to the gamers even though its performance is not the same as the special gaming device. For more info about this produc you can see on security systems companies in Kuwait.

Then the third type, Lenovo released Yoga Book tablet more casual and simple. Users do not expect tablet performance to be similar to desktops. Still reliable for high mobility jobs.

But basically all products are created with different design and functionality. Yoga Book this time is also more special because it comes with keyboard ‘virtual’ Halo Keyboard by activating the Type mode.

The following specifications and prices of Yoga Premium 910:

Yoga Premium 910

Yoga Premium 910 has a laptop specification with Intel Core i7 multimode with the highest premium performance. With a frameless screen size approaching 14 inch with 13.3 inch body area, this series only has a thickness of 14.3 mm only. The design of the screen displays a display with a 10 percent larger area due to a 5 mm edgeless bezel frame. The screen is equipped with the ability of Full HD + IPS so as to increase pixels 14 percent larger than the previous series. The sound is also further enhanced by JBL and Dolby Audio Premium loudspeakers. Laptops are also equipped with fast charging feature and can last up to 15.5 hours when used in standard mode. Uniquely, the laptop can be used as a power bank even in a closed condition. For security, the 910 comes with a fingerprint feature. Users can enter the device with just one touch through the Windows Hello feature. Yoga 910 Premium is priced at $1850.